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Candle Wick Trimmer's

AZ Candle Shop provides a high quailty line of candle snuffers, lighters and wick trimers.

  AZ Candle Shop has candle wick trimmers by Clip-a-Wick(TM) and CleanCut(TM). Also find snuffers, lighters and other candle accessories to help you maintain your candles. When burning candles in your home or office it's very important to keep the candle wick of your candle trimmed to a 1/4 inch in size. This is not so much a matter of ensuring your candle burns evenly as it is to make sure the candle burns safely. Problem is it very hard to guess how big 1/4 inch is. That's why a wick trimmer is the best tool for the job.

 A wick trimmer like the one from Clip-a-Wick takes all the guesswork out of safely maintaining your candle wicks. It even catch the small bits of the old discarded wick as they trim the candle wicks. Discarded wick bits that, if left in the candle could cause it not to burn safely. So burn your candle safely with a quailty wick trimmer from AZ Candles Shop.

Clip-A- Wick Trimmer®

Clip-A- Wick Trimmer

  Clip-A-Wick cuts candle wicks to the proper 1/4" length and captures the discarded wick every time. The cylindrical design also makes cuttting wicks that lie within a candleholder or jar possible. The hard plastic design is solid and light weight, easy to operate and comes in three colors; Black, Gray, Burgandy and Green. This item is on sale this month!
Clip-A- Wick Trimmer
List Price: $19.95 each, SALE PRICE $5.99 each
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